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Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) - Phase II
Phase II: During the conduct of day to day Security Assistance business, person-to-person interface between the U.S. Army representative, the customer and the relationships that are established, play a key role in successfully accomplishing the mission. As a result of this operating style any questions, concerns or inefficiencies are normally addressed on that person-to-person level. The U.S. Army Security Assistance community is committed to providing the best service that we can to our customer and realize that there will be times that an issue or a query will need to elevated. Phase II is designed to receive and track all of these queries.  A query can be submitted by the customer or from the U.S. government representative. A query is not a complaint, a query is a formal tool which enables us to ensure the right people, at the right time are working the issue/concern that was identified in the query.  From a management perspective, it will allow tracking of common issues and provide focus for reengineering efforts.  A query will be submitted and tracked via the web, once it is submitted the following will transpire (Figure 4):

Phase 2 Diagram

Figure 4

* Data from Phase II will be looked at for trends for potential process improvements on a quarterly basis.

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