FMS Review Survey
Please take a few moments and fill out this important survey so that we can assess and, where needed, improve this FMS review process.  Select the rating that you feel best applies.  For numeric ratings a "1" is a low or very poor assessment, while a "5" is a high or extremely pleased opinion.  In addition, you are encouraged to provide any written remarks or elaborate on your opinions at the bottom of this form.  The provision of your name and component being represented is strictly voluntary.  All responses will be considered as non-attribution.  Thank you!

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1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Preparation of the teams 

Coverage of the agenda topics submitted in advance 

Completeness of answers provided to questions raised 

Accuracy of the data presented 

Thoroughness of the data presented 

Helpfulness of the teams to find solutions 

Extent to which actions from the previous meeting were completed 

Satisfaction with the timeliness in which actions from the previous meeting were completed 

Knowledge level of the teams

Professionalism of the teams

Levels of representation of the teams

Number of attendees

Briefings, informational and/or educational materials, and other information presented

Review of the Minutes

Accommodations and other administrative arrangements made.

Meeting location and conference room facilities.

Administrative support provided in response to requests.

Importance of the same review to be held in the future.

Overall level of satisfaction with this review.